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Which Mouthwash Is Best For Middle-Aged People?

Good oral health is a life-long battle against a variety of foes. From brushing to flossing to regular dentist visits, staying on top of your overall oral health and cleanliness takes the diligence of maintaining an excellent routine. When we’re children, missing a cleaning or skipping flossing can lead to cavities or gingivitis, or a host of issues that can be easily resolved. As we get older, our bodies and routines change to fit our needs. Maintaining your oral health becomes much more crucial–you only get one set of permanent teeth.

Fluoride is a natural occurring mineral with many properties that are beneficial to overall dental and oral health. Battling cavities and gum disease, strengthening enamel (the hard outer coating on your teeth) and even potentially reversing some effects of early stage tooth decay are just some of the things that fluoride can do to help you. For adults of a certain age, choosing a good mouthwash can help you to avoid further problems to your permanent teeth. Make sure that you look on the bottle when you are looking for mouthwash at the store to ensure that it contains fluoride.

There are other things that you can and should look for when choosing mouthwash as an adult in middle age. Check for options like special formulas for sensitive teeth or ph balanced choices that can help with dry mouth, a common side effect of many prescription drugs. Other key terms to look for are words like “alcohol-free” or “antimicrobial”. Of course, it’s also important to not neglect regular dental visits for check-ups and cleanings. Maintaining oral health is still important as we get older, even in the face of other health issues or ailments that arise as we age. Proper maintenance of your oral health will save you time, money and help to avoid further damage to your permanent teeth. Don’t let getting older be an excuse to let yourself go!