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Seasonal Allergies and Oral Health

Hello again, from the short side of summertime! Fall is just around the corner, and although we can normally count on autumn to calm our allergy issues, this year (in case you hadn’t already noticed) is not the average year. With pollen counts, humidity and temperatures still high, staying on top of your oral health needs to stay a focus on the overall health landscape this year has created for all of us.

Allergies can bring along dry eyes, itchy skin and (of course) an all out assault on our sinuses. Stuffy nose, runny nose, stuffy nose, runny nose — it’s a cycle of constant frustration. And due to the location of our sinuses, the issues caused by allergies can directly affect oral health and comfort.

Drinking plenty of water each day is a general health rule of thumb when it comes to overall good health choices. During allergy season the agitation in your sinuses can lead to dry mouth, especially if you’re mouth breathing due to a stuffy nose. The lack of saliva can lead to an excess accumulation of bacteria in your mouth that would normally be kept at bay. Combat this by (you guessed it) drinking more water. It has an array of health benefits, and it’s one of the easiest things you can do daily to impact your oral and overall health.

Another issue that comes with allergies is increased sinus pressure. The pumped up sinus cavities are located in your face just above your mouth which leads to added pressure to your mouth and your teeth. If you deal with sensitivity in your teeth already, the aggravation from increased sinus pressure might be fuel on the fire. If you take antihistamines and it helps relieve the sinus pressure, but that doesn’t relieve the pain in your teeth, reach out to your friends here at McIlwain Dental Specialists to make an appointment.

Until the next time we see you, stay safe out there!