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The Importance of Gum Health During COVID-19

Staying in a healthy routine is important, especially when it comes to oral hygiene. During this
pandemic, many of our daily routines have become disrupted. And while it can be difficult to find
ways to maintain optimum health while also avoiding a global pandemic, it’s vital that we all try
to do our best to keep up the fight against unhealthy living!

One thing we regularly address with our patients is the importance of interdental maintenance
(which is just a fancy way of telling you to make sure to floss). Flossing is a fundamental part of
the process when it comes to total oral health. Brushing your teeth daily is something that many
folks actually do (and we’re proud of you for that!) but it is surprising how many people that
brush daily don’t also floss daily.

Flossing daily is important to make sure you are getting all the tiny bits of food that regular
brushing just can’t get to. As those little missed bits begin to build up around the areas where
your teeth and gums meet, inflammation can occur, and the areas can become irritated and
even worse, infected. You can help yourself avoid these kinds of issues by making sure to
incorporate flossing into your daily brushing routine, if you are not already doing so.

Before the pandemic, regular medical and dental visits were easier to schedule. Now due to
social distancing and health guidelines, it has become increasingly difficult for some people to
get to the doctor’s office in a timely manner, and this can also lead to issues. Listen to your
friends at McIlwain Dental Specialists and make sure you are flossing daily! It will help keep
you in a healthy routine and it can literally save you from a potential headache. Stay safe out