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VIDEO: 3D Printing Mask Holders for Essential Workers

Seeing medical professionals all over the world risking their lives and doing whatever they can to help during this unprecedented time got us thinking; What could McIlwain Dental Specialists do to help? Well, it didn’t take long to find a way to help our local community fight this virus.

Thanks to the internet, 3-D printing and some caring individuals we found that we could help our local first responders, nurses and doctors by printing these adjustable size mask holders. As if being on their feet and running around helping others for hours and hours on end weren’t enough to push mountains of fatigue and general discomfort on their shoulders, these working heroes are also dealing with chafing, bruising and pain from wearing medical masks that hook behind their ears.

Recently, we put our 3-D printer back to work, but instead of making models of teeth, it printed these handy mask holders to donate to our local nurses who are so hard at work keeping us all safe and healthy! Thank you to our awesome assistant Nick for working so hard to make these happen, and THANK YOU from all of us at McIlwain Dental Specialists to all the medical professionals who are risking their lives daily to help people that are suffering everywhere!