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3 Things To Do Daily To Keep Your Dental Hygiene Pristine

Daily routines can vary greatly from person to person. Day shift, night shift, work from home, work from the road, stay at home mom or stay at home dad. There are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to how you spend your days. One thing that should be virtually universal is proper oral hygiene. Taking proper care of your oral health is not that difficult, but just the same, there are lots of folks who don’t adhere to the best dental hygiene habits. Here is an easy peasy routine to keep your smile shining at 100!

Most people know that brushing your teeth is a key component of keeping your dental hygiene flawless. Interestingly enough, not many folks know how to do it the right way. First things first, let’s talk technique. If you want to get the best results when you brush your teeth, you should be spending around 2 minutes brushing them. Also, you should spend an equal amount of time brushing the inside and outside edges, as well as the top and bottom teeth. This helps ensure that all the reachable surfaces of your teeth get brushed. It’s a good idea to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

The next step in your oral hygiene routine should be flossing. Flossing plays an important role in overall dental health by making sure any food bits that get stuck between your teeth get removed daily. This helps maintain clean teeth, healthy gums and better breath. Use a piece of floss that is long enough to wrap around two fingers, creating a length that you can work with. Follow along the curve of your teeth, taking care not to injure the gums. Use your fingers to wind the floss as you go from tooth to tooth to keep the floss fresh.

Now that we’ve brushed and flossed, it’s important to properly rinse out with a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Fluoride is critical in oral hygiene maintenance and also helps fight tooth decay and even help maintain enamel strength. Look for mouthwashes with fluoride and if you are sensitive to the stringency of alcohol, look for alcohol-free alternatives.

Follow these simple tips and you can create an oral hygiene routine that you can stick to everyday!