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Taking Care of Little Teeth

Nobody is more excited than you are whenever your child grows a little more. From their first steps to their first word to their first tooth, watching your little one develop and thrive is every parent’s joy.

And we understand that guiding them through that growth is also a great responsibility that comes as a part of the package. Plus, oral hygiene, in particular, may just be one of the most important health spotlights to keep an eye on as your child matures, which is why we’re here to help you understand the importance of pediatric dentistry as your child grows!

As Early as Eruption

While we already discussed the importance of bringing your child in for their first orthodontic appointment around age 7, it’s also important to address when your child should have their first general dentistry visit — and it may be earlier than you expect.

Perhaps you never considered bringing them to the dentist as a baby, but when their very first baby tooth begins to erupt is actually a good time to get them started with a pediatric dentist. If this still seems too early for your preference, a good rule of thumb to stick by, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is to bring them in by their first birthday.

The earlier you address their oral health, the easier it will be to teach them how to make hygiene a habit in their adult lives!

Temporary Teeth, Permanent Impact

Taking your child to the doctor at such a young age may almost seem unnecessary, but we assure you that your child’s long term health and quality of life will be vastly improved if you adhere to early and regular dental check-ups.

Baby teeth may not be around forever, but the impact they have on your child’s overall health may be if they’re not taken care of properly.

According to data collected by the AAPD from 2015–2016, caries (or the decay/crumbling of a tooth) reportedly affects one in five children under the age of 5, about half of children ages 6 to 11, and more than half of those ages 12 to 19.

And caries in baby teeth can have serious consequences. They can lead to permanent nerve damage, devastating infection, premature loss of baby teeth, and more — all of which will translate into continued problems with your child’s permanent teeth once they start to grow in.

Finding A Pediatric Dentist You Trust

We get it — you’re thorough, dedicated, careful, and consistent when it comes to your child’s health. So are we! If you’ve been hunting to find a family practice you can trust with your child’s dental needs, we’re here to tell you your search has come to an end.

Offering quality and comprehensive care in both South Tampa and Wesley Chapel, our team of doctors provides advanced dental care as your child ages. Contact McIlwain Dental Specialists today to schedule an appointment or have any and all of your questions answered.