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IV Sedation Therapy for kids, You’re Welcome.

IV Sedation Therapy for kids, You’re Welcome.

Proper dental hygiene is extremely important to our overall health and well-being. Neglect can lead to serious medical conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay and even lead to heart disease. But what is the reason for this neglect? We all know going to the dentist routinely is recommended, so why do so many people choose not to go? Well, in many cases adults that fear the dentist had a bad experience as a child at the dentist. In fact, a recent study published references that 80% of Americans have some anxiety regarding dental treatment and 5-14% of them feel intense dental anxiety.

Our goal is to never let a child have a needless bad experience in our care.  We want every child to love their time spent with us! So what can be done to ease anxiety in patients, allowing them to receive the dental care they need? Allow us to introduce: IV sedation therapy for easing the experience. We offer this service for pediatrics, using a pediatric anesthesiologist on staff.

What is IV sedation therapy?

IV sedation therapy, sometimes referred to as conscious sedation, is a good option for children that are too young to cooperate for dental treatment, or for children with disabilities, or for children that are too anxious to tolerate dental procedures.

How does it work?

IV sedation therapy is administered intravenously by a pediatric nurse working in tangent with the pediatric anesthesiologist, while your child is closely monitored and the amount is specifically measured both for body mass and for the duration of the appointment. Although IV sedation does not completely put your child to sleep, it does make the visit enjoyable and easy for your child and your child will be able to return home and eat normally right after.

What are the benefits?

Your kids no longer have to fear dental procedures! Our primary goal at McIlwain Dental Specialists is to provide the best care with the utmost comfort for our family of patients. So, if you are interestested in IV sedation therapy for your child’s pediatric visit, or any other services we offer, give us a call at either one of our Tampa (813) 879-8097 or Wesley Chapel (813) 991-9893 locations. You can also access our contact page here.

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