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Post Valentine’s Day Dental Love

Valentine’s Day is all about appreciation and love, so we thought we could take this opportunity to piggyback on those sentiments in order to encourage self-love as well! You’ve heard the saying, you can’t love someone until you love yourself.. Well, let’s carry that along to your teeth, and the relationship your body has with your dental hygiene, to ensure a love that lasts!

Our mouths are remarkable indicators to the overall health and wellness of the rest of our bodies. Oftentimes, if something is not right internally, you may see symptoms on your gums, tongue or around your teeth. This is a clear indicator to healthcare professionals that something could be wrong. It has been proven that here is an undeniable link between gum disease, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, by taking care of your dental health, and scheduling routine visits to the dentist, not only will this benefit your beautiful smile, but it will ensure your overall bodily health.

Back to the self-love to be loved thing… In general, people are attracted to those who take care of themselves. And there is nothing more appealing than a happy and healthy smile. So if you have your own concerns about your dental hygiene or smile, that insecurity has the potential to carry over into other facets of your life, including current or potential relationships. Self-esteem is already a struggle for many Americans these days, so let’s not add insult to injury with self-inflicted dental neglect. Having a healthy, confident smile not only makes you look good, but it shows the world that you care about your health and overall appearance. All the hair and makeup in the world is not going to cover plaque and gingivitis. A healthy smile eliminates the need for excess and promotes self-confidence.

The moral of the story is: To effectively love another, you need to love yourself. So now that the Valentine’s Day lavishing is over, focus on some self-care by scheduling that long overdue dental check up with Mcilwain Dental Specialists at (813) 879-8097. By seeing your dentist on a regular basis, you’ll have the best chance to catch any issues that may arise as early as possible, allowing early intervention and treatments to be their most effective… All in the name of love!